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Choosing a massage therapist to me, is  one of the hardest decisions.  You want someone who is caring , knowledgeable of the trade & centrally located .  Here at Pecosas Touch we fit that description.  Lyn  has been a people person all her life, and when she decided to become a therapist all her true qualities began to shine.  Lets start off with her name "Pecosa"  she got that name from her friends which means girl with freckles. Kinda grew on her as the years went on and when she decided to start her business she was inspired to name it none other then  Pecosas Touch . 
Lyn is the kind of therapist you can feel comfortable with she will always be willing to take time to go over all of your issues and concerns before and after your session and discuss your options . You can count on being treated as an individual and not just a client . She has a tremendous amount of ability  for healing and always promises to provide the very best care for you. Her intense passion for healing and bodywork allows her to give 100% every time she lays hands on you. 
Our mission here at Pecosas Touch is to relax, heal and bring balance back to your mind body and spirit. All treatments are customized to give you exactly what your body needs and we  offer a wide range of modalities, Come join us!

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